(An English Class with Mam Kristin)


Learning adjectives is very fun, especially when we relate those to people characters or qualities. We will be able to know the good and bad qualities of ourselves and improve ourselves no matter what.

Somehow the students need motivation to improve their qualities and in these opportunities grade 7 students made a simple description about their own characters. This project enables the students to mention the positive and negative adjective which represent their qualities.

The students’ activities


Then, Grade 7 students learn about ADJECTIVES especially about someone’s characters and appearance. They try to describe one person that they admire or love (they can choose one of their families, hero or actress or actor that they like). The students are able to practice their speaking skill through the video and they can also build their self- confidence. Let’s check the video.

1. Latacia Giovanni Pangloli (7A)

2. Valerie Bunka (7A)

By learning and understanding how to describe  ourselves and others, students can more easily remember and understand  about adjectives.