(An English Class with Ms. Evi)


There are many things that people can do on the weekends. Some people spend their weekends with their family, friends or even they just have ‘me time’. Sometimes, we just need to disconnect and enjoy our own life. In this pandemic time, we have much time in our house. We can do many things as our passions. On the work days, we usually work or study from home. On the weekends, we can spend our day by doing chores at home, enjoying our hobbies   or maybe just relaxing all day.

These are some activities of students from grade 6 of SDK ORA et LABORA Pamulang. They want to share their activities so we can see how a creative and helpful they are at home. You can check their videos on YouTube Channel. Here are the links.


1.  Joan Abigael Simanjuntak

2.  Laura Putri Madania Tarigan

3. Dwight Marvin Rajagukguk

4. Aura Novita Prasetyo


Let’s appreciate their creativity in spending their time on weekend at home. Even, they can’t go anywhere because of the pandemic, they still can use their time for the useful activities. Time is so precious, so let’s spend it wisely. Don’t forget to stay at home, stay positive, stay safe and stay healthy. Thanks for watching. God bless you.