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I. National Curriculum

Based on the Education Unit Level Curriculum that is used by KB & TKK ORA et LABORA and developed in accordance with the School Motto “Create Stars in GOD’s Hands”. In God’s hands, we shape high performing stars for the glory of God’s name and certainly for themselves and for others.

To achieve these objectives, the school has developed a National Curriculum in which English began to be applied in simple manners in the Teaching and Learning Activities. It starts from simple words and themes per semester until the topics to be given.

II. Basic Skills

1. Development of Language Use

The Teaching Learning process will be delivered on Bilingual basis (Eng-Ind). Simple instruction s or words in English will be used for daily interaction in the classroom or within the school environment. Educators will always help the children to develop their English speaking ability. We are aware and must try to customize the use of English.

Bahasa Indonesia will also be taught to. Correct reading, correct writing, good listening and speaking with respectful and polite speech are in compliance with Christian values.

In inculcating the delight in reading in the students, we add the story telling hours, in which the children listen to stories from the teacher or read books by themselves and explain them in simple terms to the class.

2. Cognitive Development

Means mental growth, such as memorizing, understanding, applying anything they know into new situations and create new ideas.

Cognitive learning includes Ability to Catch, Language Concept, Mathematics, Numeric Concepts and all of Thinking Capabilities, such as: Cause and Effect, Relationship, Understanding views, Interests of others.

3. Physical/Motoric Development

Children highly need physical activities. They learn through what they do, through exploration, moving and using their bodies and objects around them. This daily activity includes identifying parts of the body, running, rope skipping, jumping, body balance, bending, muscle stretching, throwing, catching and kicking.

4. Aesthetic Development.

This development is also part of development of children’s awareness of natural beauty and artificial environment.

III. Customization Learning

1. Moral

Moral is knowledge relating to formation of human character and behavior. To instill good character and behavior based on Christian values ​​requires cooperation of all parties who are school community.

2. Religion

Children will be introduced to their Savior. Children will be taught to fear God. Children will be introduced to religious leaders who have incredible life in their time and can be an example and blessing in the children’s life.

3. Social

Children are indoctrinated to have social spirit, when they realize that they do not live alone. Socializing is something that plays the most important role to grow a sense of social to children.

4. Emotional

Playing plays a role in social emotional development of the children. Besides increasing independence and responsibility, through playing the children will learn to share, wait for turn and cooperate in a group.

5. Independency

Children need to develop identity and positive tolerance toward other people who have different opinion or experience from theirs. Children must be able to keep their own belongings in their lockers, tidy up toys after playing, take their own lunch box, go to the toilet by themselves, wear their own shoes.



The curriculum used in Christian Elementary School ORA et LABORA is the Education Unit Level Curriculum, pr known more widely as KTSP 2006. In the implementation it integrates the Bible into the classroom learning process. Each teaching is developed in accordance with the child age level by using methods that accommodate needs of the learners. In addition to the curriculum itself, Christian Elementary School ORA et LABORA develops linguistic ability of the students, especially in English. This is because language is the ultimate capital to be able to face globalization. In equipping the students for facing the globalization era, Christian Elementary School ORA et LABORA develops English learning that is integrated into Science and Mathematics lessons.


To achieve the expected goals, the learning process in Christian Elementary School ORA et LABORA tries to develop thinking and creativity of the students by understanding different potency of every child. Development of curriculum in the elementary school:


Through the following Activities:

  1. Morning worship and afternoon worship
  2. Weekly religious service every Friday
  3. Prayer meeting
  4. Christmas and Easter celebration activity
  5. Bible Month
  6. Sunday School activity report


  1. Love
  2. Honest
  3. Discipline
  4. Responsibility
  5. Courtesy
  6. Self Confident
  7. Care
  8. Cooperation
  9. Environmentally Friendly
  10. Love the Motherland Through the following Activities:
    a. Character Education
    b. Silent Reading Customization
    c. Journal Making Customization
    d. Social Action Activity
    e. Learning activities inside and outside the classroom


Through the following Activities:

  1. Math Club
  2. Science Club
  3. English Club
  4. Participating in OSN, ASMOPS competitions


Through the following activities:

  1. Music Club
  2. Choir
  3. Art Extracurricular



  1. Sport Extracurricular
  2. Participating in Competitions and Contests


  • Air-conditioned classrooms
  • Science Laboratory
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Music Room (band, angklung)
  • Library
  • Auditorium
  • Worship Room
  • Multimedia Room
  • Sport Course
  • Clean and healthy canteen


Arts :

  • Ballet, Chorus, Painting, Manga
  • Dancing, Batik

Sports :

  • Basketball, Futsal
  • Karate, Badminton



The learning is implemented using curriculum complying with the national education curriculum. For the school year 2016/2017, it uses combination of the KTSP curriculum and referring to the Curriculum 2013.

1. Spirituality Development

It is performed with customization of daily worship, retreats, and by incorporating Christian values ​​into every subject.

2. Language Development

In addition to developing bahasa Indonesian, it also develops English by means of JETSET program of international standard.

3. Cultural Art Development

Art Potency is developed through acting art, vocal coaching, music development, to allow balance between the left brain and the right brain.

4. Global Insight Development

It is performed through Information and Communication Technology Learning with various applications of Microsoft Office, Flash Animation, Video Editing and Maker, Web Programming, Internet, so that the students are able to face the very rapid technology advancement.

Educators And Education Staffs

Consist of teachers who are qualified under the national standards of teacher professionalism, who are S-1 graduated.


  • Air-conditioned classrooms
  • Science Laboratory
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Music Room (band, angklung)
  • Library
  • Auditorium
  • Worship Room
  • Multimedia Room
  • Sport Course
  • Clean and healthy canteen


To develop personality and talent of the students, Christian Junior High School ORA et LABORA organizes extracurricular activities that quietly vary:

  • Self-development: Scouts
  • Science and Technology: Photography, Computer Club.
  • Cultural Arts: Music Development, Vocal Coaching, Acting Art.
  • Sports: Futsal, Basketball, Badminton.



It uses the National Curriculum, which refers to Christian character formation process for the students, by means of integrating Biblical values ​​in every learning activity and Intellectual Quality Establishment, which includes thinking and learning skills, communication and cooperating skills as well as skills in using information and communication technologies and having Nationalist spirit.

Local Content Program that is developed in SMAK ORA et LABORA is Public Speaking (in English), this relates to geographic potency of Christian Senior High School ORA et LABORA that locates in Tangerang Selatan City which is a housing area, education center and commercial or trade center that will give many colors to the learning process.

We hope that each students who has completed their education in the Christian School ORA et LABORA may become individuals who fear the God, have good self-image and character base, have proper knowledge, skills, mindset and learning methods, capable of communicating, cooperating and competing in the future.



Superior in quality, Achievement in creation, Having Christian Character, Culture oriented, Environmentally friendly and Having nationalist spirit.



  1. To develop active, creative and innovative learning, by utilizing science and technology and the environment, so that able to improve the students’ potency optimally.
  2. To improve HR of the students, educators and teachers who are independent, creative and innovative.
  3. To cultivate the faith and christian character of school community who are loving each others, intelligent, disciplined and having personality.
  4. To develop life skills, have artistry spirit, love the Indonesian country and culture.
  1. To cultivate an environmentally friendly culture that is clean, leafy, healthy, safe and comfortable.
  2. To create harmonious relationship between the school and the parents/guardians, the community, related agencies and institutions in the framework of achieving the school VISION optimally.
  3. To cultivate feel of loving alma mater and loving the homeland.

Learning Strategies


Based on the national curriculum, the learning in Christian Senior High School ORA et LABORA emphasizes on understanding the concept (basic idea) which is later followed by addition of content (information), fluency of English as an international communication language as well as the Information and Communication Technology (ICT).


The learning in School ORA et LABORA emphasizes on learning process that develops learning and thinking skills of the students. This is very significant because constituting a capital for the students in the future in facing real life situations. Inquiry Based Learning, Cooperative Learning are some learning approaches that are applied in Christian Senior High School ORA et LABORA to develop the learning and thinking skill.


The learning in Christian Senior High School ORA et LABORA directs the students toward applying the concepts and information they have learned into new situations through various projects, products, performances or solving the real problems, around the living environment of the students.

Educator Staffs

Patient and friendly competent teachers (who always seek to understand the students personally), S1 and S2 graduated.


  • Comfortable learning room/classroom for the learning process
  • Physics-Chemistry-Biology-Computer-Language Laboratories
  • Library with reference books, magazines and newspapers
  • Internet Connection/Wifi
  • Complete sports facilities (outdoor & indoor courts)
  • Clean, comfortable and full air conditioned auditorium
  • Clean canteen
  • Green House
  • Comfortable Meeting Room (conference room).
  • School Health Service (UKS) Room
  • Student Activity Room (OSIS)
  • Music Room


  1. Spiritual (Prayer Meeting)
  2. Sports (Basketball, Futsal, Taekwondo & Badminton)
  3. Arts (Fine Art, Band, Modern Dance, Choir)
  1. Language (Public Speaking, Journalism)
  2. Self Development (GC, Scout)

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