Chairperson Notes (June 2017)


Celebrate what you have accomplished, but raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed (Mia Hamm)

        The 2016/2017 academic year has just ended and students including teachers and staff are embracing the long awaited break to not only rejuvenate and refresh but also to soon start preparing for the new academic year of 2017/2018. The academic year that has just passed presented a mixed occasion to the family of Ora et Labora. But as the retired soccer player Mia Hamm said, ‘(it is good that) we are celebrating what we have accomplished but (we shall aim to) raise the bar a little higher each time we succeed’.

­        Along with the quote, the School is in celebration mode and is very much pleased to let parents and all stakeholders know that the national examinations were concluded in satisfactorily manner. The level of students’ achievement generally goes with the average standard of passing required by the Government and is better in comparison to the previous year. We are proud to learn from the results of the national exams that our Panglima Polim elementary school managed to be among the ten percent best performers and was placed fourth best in Kebayoran Baru region and ranked 233rd of over more than two thousand elementary schools in DKI Jakarta. Yes, we are not the best and we do realize there is homework to be done, new targets to achieve to make OeL a better place for parents to let their kids go for fun and rewarding learning experiences.

It warms our hearts that some of our students’ national exam remarks are remarkably way beyond its peers. And such extraordinary accomplishments are worth recognition. Jeremiah Aaron is one of those extraordinary students. The best in average national exam results in our SMP BSD, Aaron ranks the tenth best of the Tangerang Selatan national exam average results. And, he got perfect hundred in his math score! Another of our BSD SMP student that is worth citing is Ezra Amshael Ginting. His Headmaster and teachers agreed to commend him as the most inspiring student. Despite his health conditions that forced him into and out of hospital, Ezra managed to catching-up and scored a perfect hundred in his math national exam. These are only two examples of extra-ordinary OeL students among a few other distinctive OeL students like Jonathan Evan Christian who also scored perfect hundred in his math national exam mark and  Rixon Hansel Patricius who missed just…one answer to qualify him a perfect math result.

­        I am also thrilled to announce that admission tests to the newly established SMK OeL are almost done with the targeted 25 students for the first academic year of 2017/2018 is all in place. Fortunate are those candidates who participated into the first admission batch as competition was not that tough compared to the second and third batches. The School is in ready mode to welcome those selected students to embrace into a 4-year academic journey that will equip them with competent and meticulous traits to become qualified power plant operators and mechanics. Under the leadership of the newly appointed Headmaster: Ir. Edi Djatmiko, MBA, and competent academicians including those from Swiss German University and prominent power generation practitioners, we are confident to embark into this new journey of vocational high school.

During the university break, the School is delighted to welcome Sonia Kaur Sambhi to take part in our School’s operation as an intern. She is a student at the Yale NUS, Singapore who has never been to Indonesia before, but decided to take the opportunity during her summer break this year to help us out with many things from assisting our English Coordinator, to helping out our SMK Coordinator in preparing presentation materials to our donors. Sonia has been a great aid and we are entertainingly delighted to introduce to her, the typical hearted courtesy of Indonesians and in a few occasions, distinctive taste of Indonesian food including the unique-for-her turmeric rice tumpeng for her birthday! With her internship is to conclude soon, we would like to wish Sonia all the best for her study and future.

Towards the end of the holy month Ramadhan, YPK OeL would also wish a Happy Eid Mubarak to all members of the OeL School Family who celebrate it.  We hope the sacrifice during the holy Ramadhan to surrender to the only submission to Allah the Almighty, is well compensated with a purified heart and ability to control one self. Minal aidin wal faidzin – from the bottom of our hearts and on behalf of the Foundation, we kindly request forgiveness for our wrongdoings and trespasses.

And last but not least, I am inviting all members of the YPK Ora et Labora to raise the bar a little higher for all of us to aim to become better persons and lead the students by example whilst improving communications to parents and all stakeholders. Happy Academic Year 2017/2018!


Sincerely yours,

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