History of YPK ORA et LABORA

School ORA et LABORA, managed by Christian Education Foundation (Yayasan Pendidikan Kristen/YPK) ORA et LABORA, was established on May 28, 1966 by Benny Rob Arie Riupassa and Johannes Boudewijn Riupassa. The school is located at Jalan Panglima Polim I block N number 1 South Jakarta. The school building is used for teaching and learning activities from kindergarten, elementary to junior high school levels. In 1980 the school building that was still semi-permanent, was renovated into a permanent building that stands sturdily until nowadays.

In 1981, the teaching and learning activities for Senior High School was begun in noon until afternoon. Many achievements, both academic and non-academic, have been achieved by ORA et LABORA Panglima Polim. The most prominent non-academic activity is the choir, which won the Silver medal at the choir competition in ITB, 2nd champion of choir competition at provincial level and some other competitions. Presently, school units in ORA et LABORA Panglima Polim consist of Kindergarten, Elementary School and Junior High School.

Kampus P. PolimORA et LABORA Panglima Polim

In 1986, School ORA et LABORA had a new building at jalan Gedung Hijau Raya, Pondok Indah. Further, this new building is used for teaching and learning activities for Junior High School and Senior High School. The teaching and learning activities for Senior High School that was initially took place in the noon, has been shifted to in the morning.

With the presence of new building in ​​Pondok Indah area, image of school ORA et LABORA is more popular, given schools ORA et LABORA are located in two elite residential areas. The Kindergarten and the Elementary School are in Panglima Polim, Kebayoran Baru, while the Junior High School and the Senior High School are located in Pondok Indah.

A series of high achievement have been successfully achieved by the students in both locations, particularly in the field of choir. In the choir competition at DKI provincial level, from year to year, SMP Pondok Indah has been always being in the biggest 3. Likewise, in the judo sport championship, SMA Pondok Indah has successfully placed one of its students as a national level judoka. In addition, the SMA is well-known for its “cheerleader” activity and even people call it as an artist school, because many students of ORA et LABORA Pondok Indah became famous artists later. In 2005, SMP ORA et LABORA Pondok Indah was moved back to Jalan Panglima Polim, Kebayoran Baru, whereas SMA ORA et LABORA Pondok Indah continued until 2007.

gedung-oelORA et LABORA Pondok Indah

In 1996, YPK ORA et LABORA expanded the educational services of kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school and senior high school to Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD) area. The Foundation rented 2 units of 3 floors shop-house, as a temporary place while waiting for completion of construction of new school building at Jalan Anggrek Loka BSD, Tangerang Selatan. At beginning 1997 the development was declared complete and the teaching and learning activities for kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school and senior high school began to place the new building. Existence of School ORA et LABORA BSD was increasingly well-known from day to day. This is evidenced by the increasing number of students every year.

Various activities that involve the students to be active, creative and independent are continuously realized. For examples are sport competition “OEL Cup” at junior high school level, sports and art competition “Labrakadabra” at senior high school level. These activities have been livelier because of inviting other schools to compete.

In addition to the aforesaid activities, school ORA et LABORA have also achieved many high achievements in the academic field at both national and international levels.

At national level, ORA et LABORA students have ever won various champion positions in the National Science Olympiad (OSN) in Natural Science and Mathematics. In addition, there were also students who won as champion in the short story writing competition at national level.

While at the international level, some high performing students have popularized ORA et LABORA by winning gold and silver medals in several mathematics and science olympic events at both Asean and world levels. Some students have also represented Indonesia in the World Creativity Festival event in Daejeon, South Korea, and as finalists in the Odyssey of The Mind event in Iowa, United States.

Whereas, other non-academic achievements of ORA et LABORA students that are very famous are choir and basketball. Several times the senior high school students have been the champion in the inter students basketball league, Development Basketball League (DBL) of Banten provincial level, for both men and women teams, and they have represented Banten province in the championships at national level. These champion titles were accompanied by the success of dance team, who have several times won the championship in the DBL event.

Kampus BSDORA et LABORA Bumi Serpong Damai

The development of educational services have been still being developed and expanded. In 1998, YPK ORA et LABORA opened a new school for kindergarten, elementary and junior high schools in Pamulang, Tangerang Selatan. School development in this area was relatively rapid and number of students continually increased. In various activities, both academic and non-academic, the kindergarten, elementary and junior high schools were never absent in taking part and winning as champion in various competitions. SMP ORA et LABORA Pamulang is well-known for its basketball and choir. Its achievements are comparable with other ORA et LABORA campuses.

Kampus PamulangORA et LABORA Pamulang

Governing Board Profiles

Edwin Soeryadjaya

Mr. Edwin Soeryadjaya-s2An Indonesian citizen, born in Bandung, on July 17, 1949, obtained his Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California in 1974. As one of founders and, until nowadays, he serves as President Commissioner in several companies in the SARATOGA Group which engage in investment sector.

Edwin Soeryadjaya also serves as the Promoter Chairman of Christian Education Foundation ORA et LABORA since May 2011 by virtue of Deed number 49 dated May 16, 2011. In addition, he is also the Chairman of William Soeryadjaya Foundation since 2010, and one of Founders of Eco Learning Camp under Yayasan Sahabat Lingkungan Hidup and is a partner of United Nations World Food Program since 2008.

Joyce Soeryadjaya Kerr

edwin-and-joyceAn Indonesian citizen, born in Bandung, on August 14, 1950, obtained his Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California in 1974.

In addition to serving as Managing Director of Inter-Astrea Hongkong and Commissioner in several national companies including PT. Unitras Pertama and PT. Saratoga Investama Sedaya Tbk, Joyce Soeryadjaya is a member of the Foundation Promoter since May 2011 by virtue of Deed number 49 dated May 16, 2011.

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