TKK OeL Pamulang Goes To AEON Mall BSD

On March 24, 2019, TKK OeL Pamulang had the opportunity to appear in the Sinar Mas Land Expo which was held at AEON Mall BSD. Mrs. Agustine as the Head Master had the opportunity to introduce ORA et LABORA Pamulang School by slide show on the main stage. The first performance was the dance of TK-B students with the song “Every Move” followed by the performance of Angklung TK-B assisted by several TK-A students with the song “Doa Untuk Keluarga”. The AEON Mall’s main stage looked very lively with the applause of the parents of students and even mall visitors who happened to be there. This kind of event is not only a school promotion media to the wider community, but also as a place to increase students’ self-confidence in public appearances. After the performance was over, children took part in the coloring contest with the grand prize ticket to watch the “Disney on Ice” event in May 2019. Keep shining, kids. (TK-PML)