Field Trip to Bandung (15–16/11/2018) for Grade 8

On 15th-16th November 2018, the eight-graders of SMPK ORA et LABORA Pamulang went on field trip to Lembang, Bandung as a part of “fun learning program”. There are four locations we visited; Geology Museum, Pos Indonesia Museum, Jendela Alam, and Farm House. At Geology Museum, students learned about the earth and nature, rock, stone, mining and mineral, also the history of human’s life. Meanwhile, at Pos Indonesia Museum; the students learned about history and trivia of Indonesia’s postal service. When the students were at Jendela Alam; students were able to decorate their ceramics piggy bank, do an experiment in making their own salted-eggs by using ashes; learn how to do composting (magic box Takakura), and practice how to plant vegetables by using hydroponic technique. The last destination is Farm House, where students enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Lembang, fed animals, and buy some souvenirs. Students and teachers are all happy and enjoy this field trip.