OSIS (Students’ Body) Election 2018/2019

On 9th November 2018, OSIS SMPK ORA et LABORA Pamulang held an election to vote for the new students’ body (OSIS) chairman. Parasina Carol, Yosua Sugihartono, Lamirza Mikzy and Trifena Angelica were the candidates. The voters consist of all students (grade 7 – 9), and all teachers. They voted during the election by putting a checklist on the election paper. The counting of the votes was done in grade 7 classroom. The result of this election showed the highest votes went to Yosua Sugihartono. He was chosen as the new OSIS Chairman for 2018/2019 with 70 votes; followed by Lamirza (47 votes), Trifena (22 votes) and Parasina (15 votes).