Champion in the X-Parta Mater Dei

From 6 to 9 November 2018, SMPK ORA et LABORA men’s basketball team joined X-Parta basketball competition hosted by SMPK Mater Dei in Pamulang. Some junior high schools around Pamulang competed in this tournament. The OeL basketball team won over SMP Bakti Prima with a score of 36-9, SMP Waskito (38-9), and SMP Mater Dei (28-19). In the final match, the OeL team won over SMPK Charitas in a tight score of 35-32.

Students from grades 7 to 9 participated in this competition. Teachers, coaches, and parents also sent their full supports. Some of them were also cheering up and supporting the team by coming to all rounds in the competition.