No Apologies Workshop

(A Senior High School Activity)

By Gadiel Reinhart H.

FOFI (Focus on the Family Indonesia) had a seminar in our school on July 25, 2016. They taught us about “Knowing Our Own Self” and also about love, live, and sex. There was a mini game where we have to escape from a tie that’s crossed between two pair of hands. The seminar was mostly fun and entertaining. What’s interesting about the seminar is the way the speaker brought each topic to the students. She used a unique way and she’s good at making us entertained so we don’t get bored.We learned so much through the games about ourselves and how God perceive each and every one of us as His children.



There was a specific part where we got a piece of newspaper and we had to tear it into two pieces and crumble both of it into a ball shaped. First, the speaker told us to throw the first ball of paper to anywhere we want. Second, the speaker told us to put the other ball of paper into a box. Some students threw the ball but others just walk up to the box and put it inside. The meaning of that mini game was if we had a goal, we know what to do.



At the end of the seminar, the speaker showed us two cards; a commitment card and the witness card. The purpose is to not do a free sex before we got married and the speaker told us that we should be proud when we have that card. Most of the students took the cards and asked their teacher to be their witness. The students felt happy after the seminar. The school principle got some souvenirs as a thank you gift from FOFI.