To educate  students  who are fear of God, care  for others and  knowledgeable, based on Christian values.


Conducting qualified and fun teaching learning process in order to develop students’ faith resulting them to behave in accordance to Christian values; Encourage students to care, respect, and honors others; Improve students’ skills to achieve their best.

Create Stars In God’s Hand


Our Campuses In Indonesia.

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I’m Indonesian – It’s My Batik

Batik is one of Indonesian culture, which has high artistic value. It is so wonderful. People commemorate Batik on Batik’s Day on every October 2nd. ORA et LABORA Kindergarten School Pamulang wanted to introduce this batik to its students, so we held an event called “Batik Fashion Show”. Looking at our students, they wore batik with many accesories from papers, clothes and […]

Knowing The Dentist Profession

Cheerful September!  We call it that because our hearts were so happy with Pamulang ORA et LABORA Kindergarten’s school activity, when we went to the dentist at Clinic Lentera on Friday, September 22th 2017. We learned about how to take care of dental and oral health. Woww… it was so interesting activity when we practiced how to brush […]

The Biblical Month of SDK – SMPK OeL Panglima Polim

The students of SDK – SMPK ORA et LABORA Panglima Polim held an event called “The Biblical Month” during  September 4 – October 5, 2017. They asked for reading the Bible daily for a month and wrote the summaries of those. On October 5, 2017, the students were celebrating this event through some competitions such […]

Science Day SDK OeL Panglima Polim

On Friday, October 6, 2017, SDK ORA et LABORA Panglima Polim held an event Science Day with the theme “Science is Fun”. The students of 1st Grade – 6th Grade performed some experiments such as Making Music with Water, Exploding Balloon with Orange Peels and Making Spirtus Weapon. The K2 students of TK ORA et […]