To educate  students  who are fear of God, care  for others and  knowledgeable, based on Christian values.


Conducting qualified and fun teaching learning process in order to develop students’ faith resulting them to behave in accordance to Christian values; Encourage students to care, respect, and honors others; Improve students’ skills to achieve their best.

Create Stars In God’s Hand


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Becoming Ideal Teachers in a Millenial Era

On Wednesday, 21st November 2018 at Sekolah Global Islamic School (GIS), it was held an educational seminar. This seminar was a series of  TENFEST (Tangerang Selatan Education Festival) in celebrating Tangerang Selatan City’s 10th  Anniversary, the participants of this seminar were teachers from all over Tangerang Selatan. The keynote speaker was Direktur Pembinaan Guru Pendidikan […]

First Winner of Laborafest 2018 Basketball Competition

SMPK ORA et LABORA Pamulang basketball team won the first place of Laborafest 2018 Basketball Competition. The competition run from 12 to 17 November 2018.  This has been the third-time strike winning for the team during the first semester of 2018/2019. The team, has got the first place of basketball competition at Ehipassiko dan Mater […]

Field Trip to Bandung (15–16/11/2018) for Grade 8

On 15th-16th November 2018, the eight-graders of SMPK ORA et LABORA Pamulang went on field trip to Lembang, Bandung as a part of “fun learning program”. There are four locations we visited; Geology Museum, Pos Indonesia Museum, Jendela Alam, and Farm House. At Geology Museum, students learned about the earth and nature, rock, stone, mining […]

OSIS (Students’ Body) Election 2018/2019

On 9th November 2018, OSIS SMPK ORA et LABORA Pamulang held an election to vote for the new students’ body (OSIS) chairman. Parasina Carol, Yosua Sugihartono, Lamirza Mikzy and Trifena Angelica were the candidates. The voters consist of all students (grade 7 – 9), and all teachers. They voted during the election by putting a […]